Desperate Sitcoms: First, NBC gleefully announced My Name is Earl will feature Hollywood’s top celebutard (whose name will not be mentioned here) in an upcoming episode and now CBS confirms another complete mess will show up in their ratings-lagging sitcom How I Met Your Mother. Let’s all get together and not watch, shall we?

Earl is a decent enough show, but the gimmick has run its course. The Mother show, despite all the Neil Patrick Harris is so hilarious hoopla (mild-mannered gay plays straight lothario), is weak. Sure, it has catchphrases a plenty, but besides Doogie, the cast is a bore fest. Also, all networks must lose the laugh track and maybe people will come back.

Currently Praying for: A fatal bean ball.

Need a Remington Steel Fix? NBC and Fox have finally launched Hulu. Watch new and old TV shows on your computer. I won’t, but its nice to know its there. FYI, there is a RemSteele Sound Gallery, in case you need that sort of thing.

Philly Girls Know Music: There is no dearth of sites out there giving out the latest and greatest indie music news—some good, some bad—most staffed by bitter guys in bands. If you want a new perspective, I found a site staffed by ladies, Philly ladies, which is even better. They know their stuff and have great photos to boot. Check out:

You are Lame: Burn 600 Calories a Day Typing. No. I most certainly will not. Put down your Pop-Tart crumb-strewn keyboard you attention-seeking, multitasking nerd and go outside.

SXSW Movie Review: Film School Rejects gave a good review to The Promotion which looks very promising — a nice change of pace from the majority of comedies hitting the screen of late. We could use another Office Space.

Mick Music: Here’s another Irish music video, Northern Ireland’s finest: Stiff Little Fingers with “Gotta Gettaway”… brilliant, effing brilliant…




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