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Free Band Names

Have a little music group and can’t decide on a name? Well, you’re in luck. We’ve thought up a bunch of ORIGINAL BAND NAMES just for you. To take one of our fabulous free monikers, just write in the “Comments” below and tell us where you’re from and it’s yours! Follow us on twitter for updates and nonsense:

Band Names

  • Laura Ingalls Wildest
  • Speed Reading Dynamics
  • The Large Sons
  • Young Pope and The Funked Up Dopes
  • Potato Judge
  • Quarterback Princess
  • Fonzie and The Sit-On-Its
  • Von Jon Bovi
  • Counting Cows
  • Christopher CrossFit & The Kettlebells
  • The F Street Band
  • !STOKED!
  • Wizz Purr
  • Cleansweep 7
  • Wonder Twin Powers
  • Olivia Gluten John
  • Ghostface Chinchilla
  • Dinosaur Sr
  • Superdeep Borehole
  • Suggested Serving Size
  • Failure is an Option
  • Hover:–:Bored
  • A Brief History of Tim
  • Missed Universe
  • Raccoons Unmasked
  • Super Tall Grandmas
  • worst friends forever
  • Nephew Swap
  • Canadian Ninja Warriors
  • The Plump
  • Rigur Sós

  • Hurricane Gladys
  • The French Fries
  • Mrs. Piggy
  • Miss Rememberstaken by a band from Louisiana
  • The Go Get Ems!
  • Open Sewers
  • The Funsuckers
  • Elf Made Man
  • Pizza Friday
  • Krab Kakez
  • First Available Agenttaken by a band in Marietta Georgia
  • The Draculovers
  • The Strum Pets
  • Handsy
  • Quick Fire Challenge
  • Noah’s Orc

  • Lump Sum Payment
  • Oh! Bee Citytaken by band from North Port, Florida
  • Peru McClanahan
  • Death from a Shovetaken by a band from Prince George Canada
  • Just Oates
  • The Girl Getters
  • Mind Erase Her
  • Blunt Force Dramataken by a band from Cross Plains WI
  • Gee Male
  • Leonard and The Ghost Dads
  • Rushin’ Goo Logs
  • The Verified Accountants
  • Ironside Deficiency
  • Horror Bulls
  • Super Silly Us
  • Focus People, Focus
  • The Dead Knot Seas
  • Mopz

  • Hope Springs a Turtle
  • Game Time Decisionalternative rock band from Springfield, IL.
  • Showcase Showdown
  • Wild Front Tears
  • Good Times USA
  • Deservedly So
  • My Dad’s Cover Band
  • Horse Drawn CarnageTaken by a band from belleville michigan
  • The Low Hanging Fruits
  • The Dumbskulls
  • Millionaire Friend
  • Punchsylvania
  • Future Human Slavery Update
  • The Swine Flutes
  • The Kitchenettes
  • Hungarian Forkfight4 piece hardcore punk band from redding, california
  • Grandpaws
  • All The Lonely Peep Holes
  • The Knighthoodiesthree piece from Portland Oregon
  • Non-Explosive Chemistrytaken by punk girl band from Chicago
  • The Fartenders
  • Companion Peace

  • 74 Fruit Wagon
  • Lost Wiikend taken by a band from Houston, TX
  • The Opposition Leaders
  • Whoa Horsey Whoa
  • Such Creatures Existtaken by nintendocore band from High Point, NC
  • Unibody Construction
  • Chimp-Powered Blimptaken by a band from Manchester, England
  • The Whoradors
  • Thanks, Alaskataken by band from Peoria AZ
  • Install>Crash>Cursetaken by a screamo girl band from NC
  • That Being Saidtaken by indie rock group from Cincinnati Ohio
  • The Worst of Ittaken by Punk band from Holland
  • The Ideal Situationtaken by a band from South Carolina
  • Something Suddenly Came Up
  • No Biggie
  • Up Against Ittaken by a band Seymour Indiana
  • Big Fat Toddlers
  • Duodenum
  • Week Need

  • Skeptic System taken by punk band from Coevorden, the netherlands
  • The Gently Used Gents
  • Dreamcrusher Jonestaken by a dance punk band from St Louis, MO
  • The Button Pushers taken by indie pop alternative band from UK
  • Cement Nose
  • Grand Theft Otto
  • Major Incident Response Team
  • The Record Lowstaken by pop-punk Band from New York
  • Meth Lab for CutieMeth Lab for Cutie
  • thrust parry thrust
  • {AwkwardHug}taken by Moose (8-Bit Nu-Rave solo project)
  • Growth Spurtz
  • The Neck Wringers
  • Shapeshifting for Beginners taken by Nathan
  • Ape Sherman: Private Eye
  • The Hardlees
  • Bone Crushing the Feettaken by a band of 5 and in VA
  • Twit Turds
  • Is This All There Is

  • The Special Darks
  • Sixth Grade Square Dancetaken by a emo band from LA
  • South American Toe Biters
  • Mostly Cloudy taken by alternative rock band from Cheshire, M
  • Hard-Fought Hugstaken by Alex from Ohio
  • Shorter in PersonShorter In Person taken by a band in madison Indiana
  • Dancing with Sitars
  • Seaside Pillage – taken by a Punk band in the Phillipines
  • Come What Mayhemtaken by Pop-rock Band from Westfield, Mass.
  • The Dim Bulbs
  • Baby Fur
  • The Weight and The Warmthtaken by a band from Dallas, TX
  • Mist Calls
  • Today’s Top Storiestaken by a band in Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Not What It Looks Liketaken by Callum
  • All Gussied Up

  • Wither or Not
  • 10 Shuntaken by uk acoustic band
  • püp
  • Tweenage Shriekfesttaken by a screamo band from LA
  • Burn The Maps – taken by punk/metal band
  • All Right Hamilton – taken by band from cape town, south africa
  • Filo Betto
  • Such Great Widths
  • Your Top Friends
  • Try This at HomeTaken by Currie Kid in the UK
  • Terror Tapes – Taken by indie alt band from Maryland
  • Photos from The Flume
  • Thread Bears
  • Win Win Situation – taken by Nathan Singletary, South Carolina
  • Gnarly Chaplain – taken by pop-punk band in the southwest UK
  • Ponies Never Ran Before
  • Philthy – taken by punk/metal band from Seymour TN
  • The Soft Tissue
  • Mrs. Desi Arnez Jr.
  • Jan, You Dingaling
  • Li’l Gotten Gains

  • Scott Beowulf
  • B.J. and The Bare
  • Wedgie Proof
  • The Bay Gashers
  • Rejection Seat – taken by Kasey, Zeeland Michigan
  • All The Pitied Fools
  • Hellicity – taken by a rock band from Brisbane.
  • Glancing Blowstaken by a band from Gaylord, Michigan
  • Dark Sky Parks – Taken by were an alt pop punk band from Devon, UK.
  • That Less than Fresh Feeling – taken by Justin from KY.
  • Body Harmer
  • Lustful Gaze
  • The Gosh Darns
  • Temper Tempertaken by a band from Harrisburg, PA
  • Stately Wayne Manor
  • May The Best Man Survive taken by a rock band from the UK
  • mangoose
  • Stallone Rangers
  • Muscle Mouse taken by alternative stoner band from Reidsville, Georgia
  • Six Solid Reasons to Runtaken by a punk/rock band from California
  • Green Acherstaken by a Bluegrass band from Arkansas.
  • Property oftaken by small punk band in toronto.
  • Hearts of Midlothian
  • Gaper Delay
  • Your Potential Love Matchtaken by new punk band from Texas
  • Jaganath taken by a stoner band from KY.

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  1. Zakk Walkker

    yeah um i didnt exactly find it in your names or whatever but me and my heavy metal screamo band are calling ourselves the heart collapse breakdown yeah

  2. pikachu rabbit

    how do u make a band

  3. Madisonbff

    im in a emo, screamo type band and our name is Heres To The Heart. remember, your band’s name doesnt always have to fit your type of music genre. sometimes its cool to suprise someone and give your band a name with a little twist that adds a little more to your music.

  4. Boom

    if you ask me the only reaaallllyyy gayyy is the name Johnnyboy 😀

  5. Deanosng

    My Band Have Taken The Name Chimp Powered Bimp and my Two Piece Has Taken Nazzy Snappers, Thanks Guys!! Great Names 🙂

  6. Deanosng

    were from Navan,Co,Meath in Republic Of Ireland,Thanks.

  7. Zach☺

    Death from a Shove from a Screemo Band in PA


  8. Georgia

    I came up with a few:
    Faithful Liarers
    Broken Strings (taken)
    Forever After (taken)
    Never Again
    Fallen Beauty
    Hard Love

    They are free to use exept from broken strings and forever after!!!
    So just give credit to me, georgia!!!

  9. iamthedevil

    All The Pitied Fools – punk/scremo band from indiana

  10. Sophie Glew

    theres the killer pigs or the braniacs,the cute guys girl getters

  11. Andrew Six Kh


    Pardon Our Parts is what i choose. unless you can give me another name. i am the ex guitarist of Before We Drop Dead. and i am currently the guitarist of a new uprising Post-Hardcore.

  12. Amanda

    I’d like to take Death from A Shove. I’m starting a punk metal band and we need a good name that hasn’t been used yet. Please allow me to take this name.

  13. manny

    The Girl Getter- a band of five from Maine

  14. YungViik

    Hulo we are just upcoming artist. I just need an attractive name for my band. We specialize on RnB and Rap stuff. Thanks!

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