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Add as many members a you like. Want dearly departed Grandpa in the shot? No problem, just add his head and he's getting his barefoot toes just as sandy as the rest of the living brood. Trying hard to...
In what appears to be a reality show first, that contestant you really didn’t care one way or the other about who just got eliminated from that reality show you kind-of like, ended her brief and unspectacular stint on...

Free Band Names

gaslight anthem
Have a little music group and can't decide on a name? Well, you're in luck. We've thought up a bunch of ORIGINAL BAND NAMES just for you.

Songs I Enjoyed a Lot in 2016

Here are a bunch of tremendous toe tappers that I sang along with or air-drummed to this past year. You'll probably do the same after a couple listens. Just don't air guitar around me, no one likes an air...

2016 Twitter Awards

Welcome to the inaugural Jeff Tweety Awards! You see my name is “Jeff” and these are “Tweets” and there’s this famous guy named… oh never mind, let’s just call them The Tweeties™.
Chip and Jeff are back with a festive holiday show replete with Christmas lights, cookies, hot cocoa, cold beers, and special guest… first–time marathon finisher, Kim Broadbent!
We made some small updates to these classic movie scenes to make them a little cooler...

Merry Christmas from UsedWigs!

My paper shredder is broken so please don't send me Christmas cards this year.

Learning to Like Springsteen

I grew up in Springsteen Country, also known as the Jersey Shore (Monmouth County to be precise), in the quiet little hamlet of Belmar… on Tenth Avenue… two blocks down from E Street. Yes, a very Bruce stretch or...