Soon You Will Know My Wrath

This baller got a new TV recently (first one in twelve years!) and is now able to watch Netflix, Amazon and Google Play movies in a lovely 40-inch high-def presentation. In addition to viewing quality TV programs like Sherlock,...

Please Help Support Some Very Good Shelter Dogs

monster milers
Hi Friends, I will be running this Saturday in the third annual Rescue Run 5K in Philadelphia. Please help me support The Monster Milers — Philadelphia’s shelter dog-running volunteer group and rescue organization — by making a donation. In addition to...

The Cost of Running Marathons

I find all the race entry fees very affordable because i’m a millionaire
When you sign up for your first marathon you probably won't care how much it costs but if you get the bug and consider doing more, the money will start to be a factor. Marathons are expensive and you...

Tracy Morgan’s Toddler Rules

Free Band Names

gaslight anthem
Have a little music group and can't decide on a name? Well, you're in luck. We've thought up a bunch of ORIGINAL BAND NAMES just for you.

Witness Protection

I rarely hear a song that I like right away (especially on WXPN in Philly) but what do you know, I was singing along to this sparkly bit of silliness after the first chorus. I was also nailing it,...

I Love Seagulls

screaming seagull
The prophecy states the first seagull who learns to open a Chip Clip will rule the seagull hordes for all eternity.

Kids, Amirite?!