The 22 Funniest Dads on Twitter

Hi, I’m a dad and I’m on Twitter. Both are fun and take up a lot of my precious free time. Thanks to the nice people at Someecards, Shauna and Maura, I now appear on this super fun list....
Kick off summer with mermaids and mystery! “Coral and her sister thought they were playing a game, but you never know what a hurricane will stir up.  Coral and Pearl’s vacation is not the same this summer. Their father...

Dynamic Social Interactivity

Sorry I Retweeted You…

It's National Running Day so fuel up with these carbo-rich, protein-packed tweet pellets.

Share Some Running Inspiration

What's more fun than running? Sharing your running thoughts on social media. Have at it!
Hey gang, let's all enjoy a fun song and a slammin' video then grab a folding chair and attack our friends in the backyard.

Ugly Running Shoes

I own ugly running shoes and chances are, if you’re a runner, you’ve owned some hideous foot monsters yourself. Here are some of my favorites.

Top Elon Musk Autocorrects

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