Comment “that’s so cool, just like my marathon training” on all friends’ Facebook posts. Call sports talk radio program every week with your training updates. Lightly jog everywhere in the office while yelling “Out of my way, I’m tapering!!”...

Halloween Warning!

Story League Sings

Do you like laughing and smiling and cocktails and bluebirds landing on your shoulders while listening to entertaining people sing and make fun of themselves? Well then, join us at Story League Sings on November 8th in Philly.
Whenever anyone asks what I think is "funny," for well over a decade my first reply without hesitation has been "Check out the Scharpling & Wurster phone calls on The Best Show on WFMU." Tom interviewing Philly Boy Roy,...

Can Your Dog Talk?

Iconic Movie Scenes Made Cooler

We made some small updates to these classic movie scenes to make them a little cooler...

Monster Cereal Revenge Art Show

Philly, my friend Bevan McShea is doing his annual Monster Cereal Art Show at the Get It Gallery tomorrow night. Franken Berry, Boo Berry and Count Chocula will all be on display at “Monster Cereal Revenge,” and don’t worry,...
Hey comedy fans, one of my favorite funny guys on Twitter, Andrew Orvedahl, performed on The Tonight Show last night! Watch him now and enjoy some much needed laughter.

Happy Leif Erikson Day