Broken Gold
This 4-song effort from the Austin-based Broken Gold is super solid, evoking memories of oldies like The Nils and The Replacements while adding a bar-soaked punk edge to the mix. Drink it up!
I'm excited for Thanksgiving! My in-laws are considering moving the Vegetarian Table inside the house this year.
I was listening to Bryne Yancey's always excellent radio show, Noise Complaint, last night and was stopped dead in my tracks (halted my Words with Friends game) by these two fuzzy nuggets. I could use all my limited word...

Philly Marathon First-Timer’s Guide

While most of your running friends in other cities (NYC, Chicago, Baltimore, AC, DC) have already finished their big races and are resting comfortably on the weekends—no more long training runs, no more tapering, just kicking back and looking...

Good Owl Names

This fits so snugly and warm in my wheelhouse… “Midwestern pop-punk brought to you by former members of Not Rebecca, Woolworthy, Loud Lucy, Venom Lords, and Noise By Numbers. FFO The Replacements, Husker Du, Naked Raygun, Guided By Voices,...

Beware: Super Scary Halloween Tweets!

Happy Halloween, you candy-crazed costume-wearing nerds!

Enjoy Ira Parks Fake Movie Posters

I’m a big fan of really bad film posters and now, thanks to the very funny @IraParks, I am a fan of bad posters for old films that only exist in the mind of Ira Parks. His concise descriptions...

Sheer Driving Pleasure