Last night I watched some baseball, had a glass of white wine, played some Words with Friends with my mother-in-law all while mindlessly wading through the muck of 2,948 horribly-made, extremely-flammable men’s Halloween costumes for sale on a very...

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Learning to Like Springsteen

I grew up in Springsteen Country, also known as the Jersey Shore (Monmouth County to be precise), in the quiet little hamlet of Belmar… on Tenth Avenue… two blocks down from E Street. Yes, a very Bruce stretch or...

Very Bad Pun Tweets

Puns are THE WORST! Here's proof.
Behold the tweets of some very funny Philly area denizens... a few of them don't live here any more because I guess they're better than us or famous now or whatever.
Enjoy some dog tweet treats!
Name your cat Jeff, then you can tell your coworkers all the cool things you did with Jeff on the weekend.
Avett Brothers
Behold the precious, the bored and the most ridiculous in indie rock band photography! Plus some non-indie faves.

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