Remember the ghost boy in that scene from Three Men and a Baby? Man, that was so freaky and a 100% true! Here are some other ghosts I have spotted in some pretty famous movies.
I find this video starring a slap-happy Andy Richter oddly calming and very enjoyable.

Jason Sweeney’s Nana

It’s Friday, so enjoy a very sweet Twitter story from a very funny guy, Jason Sweeney. Follow him @sween. Here's a story my Nana told me. — Jason Sweeney (@sween) August 15, 2014 She was born in Wales, but...
This baller got a new TV recently (first one in twelve years!) and is now able to watch Netflix, Amazon and Google Play movies in a lovely 40-inch high-def presentation. In addition to viewing quality TV programs like Sherlock,...

7-Eleven vs Wawa

Tiny Disabled Dog Gets Some Help

I’m a big fan of Turbo. “Tiny disabled Chihuahua named Turbo uses cart made with toy parts to become mobile”
Reporter Sofia Ojeda of WNEP-TV interviews 5-year-old Noah Ritter at the Wayne County Fair somewhere in Pennsylvania. I like this kid. A lot.