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Avett Brothers
Behold the precious, the bored and the most ridiculous in indie rock band photography! Plus some non-indie faves.

Olympics Expert

Junk Miles Episode 3 with Jen Miller
Chip and Jeff enjoyed/survived an almost 100-degree run with super fun guest, author/writer/runner Jen Miller, in scenic Collinsgwood NJ.
EPISODE 02 is here! This week, Jeff informs Chip that there are, in fact, beaches in New Jersey that are north of Atlantic City! The two pals run the boardwalk from Belmar to Asbury Park and back. They meet...
Junk Miles with Chip & Jeff
Chip and Jeff have a new podcast! Each action-packed episode is recorded WHILE THEY RUN around various fun locations and chat about running, comedy, music and other assorted nonsense. Take them with you on your next run!
This baller got a new TV recently (first one in twelve years!) and is now able to watch Netflix, Amazon and Google Play movies in a lovely 40-inch high-def presentation. I’ve been gobbling up a lot of documentaries, nothing...