The show started at 1:00 a.m. in a packed house at The Stone Pony. It ended 27 hours later, demolishing his prior record, a four-hour-and-six minute, 33-song marathon show held in Helsinki Finland in July of 2012.

God, I Hate Mitch McConnell

Look, I made (a) #2 on this Huffing Post list. Ha ha. #poop
Artist Ryan Duggan has created a series of lovely prints depicting halcyon scenes of yore filled with vibrant colors, happy families, and dogs taking a dump.

Happy Lent

National Pizza Day Tweets

I love bullshit holidays, Happy National Pizza Day!

Band Prankz!

"I'vvvvvve been feeling restless I've falling apart at the seems..." I love the hell out of this opening line and its gruff impassioned delivery, you will too and you'll immediately say "Gimme more, Jeff! Gimme more!!"