Free Band Names

gaslight anthem
Have a little music group and can't decide on a name? Well, you're in luck. We've thought up a bunch of ORIGINAL BAND NAMES just for you.

I Found a Celebrity’s Dog

This baller got a new TV recently (first one in twelve years!) and is now able to watch Netflix, Amazon and Google Play movies in a lovely 40-inch high-def presentation. In addition to viewing quality TV programs like Sherlock,...

Good Burglary Advice

My Personal Style

The Next Big Thing in Tennis!

Beach Slang is a must listen for fans Knapsack, Replacements and the swirling, fuzzy, melodic indie rock of days past. Plus, they're from Philly!

Croutons are Your Little Salad Friends…

Always good to hear from Blake, one of my most favorite humans. This song is quite lovely and a little out there. Kinda dig the spoken word interludes. Want more.

More Ridiculous Indie Rock Band Photos

Cold Cave
Behold the precious, the bored and the most ridiculous in indie rock band photography! Plus some non-indie faves.